Stonewall Jackson Lake State Park Resort

The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources selected McCabe-Henley (West Virginia Commercial’s predecessor company) as its private partner to develop this West Virginia State Park Resort’s comprehensive recreational facilities on 2,000 acres of land located in Lewis County, West Virginia. This public/private initiative includes a 196- room lodge and conference center; 18- hole signature golf course; guest cottages; camping area, marina, visitor center, swimming pool and other resort amenities. Total cost of the project, which was completed in the Fall of 2002, was $52 million. As the private partner, McCabe-Henley is responsible for all aspects of the project’s development and subsequent operations and management. Among the related activities are: Extensive land planning, incorporating environmental sensitivity while at the same time ensuring optimum locations for lodge, golf course and existing amenities to ensure financial return; Directing teams of local, regional and international professionals in architecture, engineering, and construction, some located as distantly as Hawaii; Working with local advisory board, economic and political officials in creating a unified vision for the park; Financial planning/performance, with the assistance of top financial experts (internally and externally); Coordinating needs and requirements of various government agency participants, including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, WV Division of Natural Resources and the State Attorney General’s Office; Administering State of West Virginia’s infrastructure funding ($10 million) for project; Working with operations and marketing team to promote the resort as a premier regional destination; Balancing requirements that the resort meets both its “public” and “private” missions. McCabe-Henley is now owned and managed by John Rudy Henley.