Social Security Administration

The Social Security Administration building highlights how WV Commercial can work with buildings owners and tenants over time to address changing economic and market needs. This property at 49 Olde Main Plaza in St. Albans has had three different types of tenants over time. Initially, it was built for a retail store. It was later renovated into a  restaurant which was quite successful for a number of years. With the change in the local economy, the redevelopment into an office use became more feasible.

In 2008, WV Commercial renovated this former restaurant space to accommodate the Social Security Administration and to re-orient the front of the building to face south toward the neighboring Health Plus Building. This 6,627 square foot government office tenant is an example of how WV Commercial is able to meet the rigorous demands of a federal government tenant, including the initial bidding, build-out, and continuing management requirements of the General Services Administration that oversee federal leasing. WV Commercial has worked with a number of state and federal government tenants over the past 35 years.