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The KB&T Center and Renaissance Tower is an 11 story commercial and residential high-rise project in downtown Charleston. West Virginia Commercial  led the renovation and remodeling of the facility in the late 1990’s. West Virginia Commercial now manages the condominium association for seven residential tenants and seven floors of commercial space. The company also serves as property manager for five individual floors of the building in addition to the common areas, including complex HVAC, fire suppression, electrical, plumbing, and security installations.

The KB&T Center and Renaissance Tower holds a distinguished location in the heart of downtown Charleston. Rising above historic Capitol Street, the building is, at its essence, a combination of new and old with charming architectural features on the building exterior giving way to the modern convenience of a totally renovated interior.

Commercial tenants include the state government tenants and several law firms. Additionally, many residential tenants enjoy the prime downtown living afforded by the tower. Within two blocks, residents find shopping, dining, and all the amenities of urban living.

In West Virginia Commercial’s nearly 20 years of management of this facility, planning for the unexpected has become second-nature. The KB&T Center and Renaissance Tower has proven West Virginia Commercial’s ability to adapt and manage complex building systems as well as those events that test them; power outages, water leaks, snowstorms, and even the rowdy crowds from neighboring late-night bars have not foiled the careful planning and training that West Virginia Commercial has employed to make the best of difficult situations.

More importantly, West Virginia Commercial has continued to provide its services and those required to maintain a safe and functioning building at minimal cost to its tenants. West Virginia Commercial always has in mind the best interest of those it serves, whether finding the right tenant, going the extra mile on tenant relations, or helping a tenant find the perfect location for growth.

Additionally, KB&T Center and Renaissance Tower is another example of West Virginia Commercial’s commitment to historic preservation and the downtown revitalization of Charleston, West Virginia.